Sample of Papers Written by Laurie Savlov


Eating Disorders and Desire: A Jungian Approach

Archetypal Psychology: Its Place in Jungian Psychology

A Commentary on the Mutus Liber, the Alchemical Mute Book

The Art of Weaving: Images from the Imagination

Essential Jungian Ideas

Prozac: The Medicalization of Women's Feelings

Colour Symbolism in Alchemy

Dreams and Dying: What our Unconscious may tell us about our Death

Sandplay Therapy

Symbolic Healing

Rites of Passage

The Trickster in North American Native Peoples' Stories: Inuit; Algonkian & Iroquoian; N.W. Coastal

Catching Projections: The Scapegoat

Projection and Sense Perception: The Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries

The Shekinah: The Feminine Presence of God in Judaism

The Role of Gnosticism in Jung’s Psychology

God as Symbol: A Look at Jung’s Concept of God

Meister Eckhart

Fathers and Sons: Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmail

Mama Lola: A Haitian Vodou Priestess

Medicine Woman: Modern Shamanic Workshops

Algonquin Dream Interpretation

Reading Rock Art: the Petroglyphs at Peterborough, Ontario

Theories on the Efficacy and Functions of Magic Healing

Freud's Theory of the Unconscious in Iris Murdoch's A Severed Head

Iris Murdoch and Sigmund Freud's Concept of Religion

Salvation in Murdoch's The Time of the Angels

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